About Us

Our business has grown providing many years of services to the energy and professional services markets, where expectations are high and growth can be rapid.  So we understand the need for a partner who can bring technology together and develop a joined up strategy, all in a language you can relate to.

Our people

People are the key to everything we do – that’s why we only hire the best in the industry.  And they must have the right people skills.  We realise that the right staff, and that means enthusiastic and engaged staff, is what makes the difference. We also take training seriously, and we maintain an ongoing programme of professional development to support it.

The leadership team

Bruce Penson

Following a successful career at a leading multinational metals manufacturer, Bruce is now the Managing Director and driving force at Pro Drive.  Bruce passionately believes that the key measure of a successful partnership is that there must be value for both parties and he is committed to helping Pro Drive’s clients better their business through technology. As well as being an active and engaging figure in IT industry circles, Bruce loves the outdoors and is a keen mountain biking and sailing enthusiast.


Matt TaylorSRP-151127-StopStare-020-22

Matt is the technical brain behind Pro Drive, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from years of project management at big name multi-nationals. At Pro Drive Matt is charged with maintaining our service delivery to the highest standard. He is dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service and believes that our clients should always be involved and engaged. When he’s not working, Matt enjoys jogging – however these days he spends more time running around after his two young children!


Chris MorrellSRP-151127-StopStare-003-22

Chris has worked at Pro Drive since the beginning. He proudly led the way in restructuring our service desk, increasing productivity and ensuring we provide a better service to our clients. Now responsible for client services, Chris has an enthusiasm for technology and a fondness for plain speaking. He ensures we are offering solutions that are at the forefront of the industry and that we communicate them to clients in ways they will understand. Despite being kept busy with a young family, Chris is a keen participant in a local Squash league and still manages to pursue his passion for snowboarding.


Partnering for success

To deliver the best services, which we need to partner with the very best.  We have alliances with the familiar names in technology, as well as some of the less recognisable, all chosen carefully to provide services and systems which will deliver maximum value to our clients.  And all managed through a single point of contact


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