Safeguarding Continuity Of Your Business Systems

A Workshop for Directors and Senior Business Leaders

shutterstock_217749400smallWhen business systems fail, senior executives are ultimately responsible. Staff can’t work so you can’t deliver. Your credibility is at risk and you might even lose clients – One way or another, you have lost money.

Planning is delegated, but regardless of expertise there are often blind spots. Complacency and assuming “we’ve got that covered” can be the biggest factor in how bad a disaster becomes. Fortunately for you, it’s one of the few things you have any power to control. You might not see disaster coming, but you can certainly prepare for it.

People attend our workshops to validate their existing plans, identify holes in their process or simply because they have no idea where to start!

Why you should be interested

  • Losing key business systems can cost you customers
  • Your business won’t look credible unless you can demonstrate you have plans to keep the lights on
  • Business interruption kills productivity and costs money

What you get out of it

  • A clear understanding of the risks to your business systems
  • A forum to discuss best practice with other business leaders
  • A method to start planning a risk management process for your company

What we get out of it

  • Your feedback helps us improve our services
  • You may decide you need us to help you with your business systems planning in the future
  • We enjoy doing it!

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