Business Continuity

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Preventing disasters from being a disaster

In a business world that is dependent upon technology, the smallest of problems can have the biggest of impacts. That’s why it’s essential to have a Business Continuity plan in place. In fact, a growing number of insurance companies insist on seeing one before quoting a premium.

Pro Drive can help your organisation develop a Business Continuity strategy that is bespoke to your IT systems, and implement it. And we will test is regularly as well. So if you do suffer a major technology failure, we can help ensure its still business as usual.


Recovery to get you back up and running

We work with the latest backup technologies providing continuous protection and off-site data replication. So you can be confident of a rapid recovery of service, on your premises or from the cloud, whatever suits you best. And where you need long term archive of data for corporate compliance, we can offer tape based technologies as well.

We also understand that for a majority of businesses, it’s critical to have their IT systems operational 24/7, 365 days of the year. Using the latest Business Continuity technologies, Pro Drive ensures high availability of file stores, email data and business critical applications. Which means no loss of information – or time in getting your network back up and running.

Services include:

  • Continuous data protection with cloud and datacentre replication
  • Desktop and laptop backup
  • File, email and application level high availability
  • Managed co-location
  • Tape and tape library for long term archive

Technologies include:

  • Pro Drive Cloud Continuity
  • Pro Drive Managed Continuity
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