Collaboration & Mobility

A business environment that’s environmentally friendly

Increasingly, it’s becoming important for organisations to reduce their carbon footprint. At Pro Drive, with our extensive knowledge of collaboration and mobility technologies, we can help businesses reduce travel, control costs, yet still grow in a challenging economic climate – all in a way that’s less harmful to the environment.Mobility

Seamless communications save money

Business today is mobile. So it’s essential for business people to be in touch anytime, anywhere in the world. We make sure they can. We are expert in designing and implementing corporate email, voice/video and instant messaging systems – both on-site and Cloud-based. We make sure it’s secure too. Plus, we’ll ensure archiving and compliance are delivered to meet the exact requirements of your organisation.

Put simply, using the latest Unified Communications technology, we can improve connectivity and efficiency, cut costs and keep your organisation one step ahead.

Sharing is empowering

People want to share – it’s how we learn and how we communicate. And in business sharing becomes increasingly important, as we work with partners far and wide. And with data becoming richer and more complex, we can no longer share by email. Cloud based collaboration is the future, sharing without traditional constraints. And that means greater reach for your business – great news in a competitive world.

Services include:

  • Unified communications messaging
  • Video conferencing
  • Telecommunications
  • Cloud file sharing and collaboration
  • Mobile and tablet management
  • Telephony services
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