Discovery Workshops

DiscoveryworkshopSenior SME Managers and Directors often have responsibility for writing the company’s IT strategy plan. However they often do not have the depth of knowledge or training to do so. This often results in a poorly executed IT strategy plan, restricting the growth of the business, or in some cases no plan at all.

Pro Drive run discovery workshops to help progressive organisations align their IT strategy with that of the company, helping transform IT into a tool which can drive growth and development of the business.

Why you should be interested

  • Gain a deep understanding of the link between your IT and business performance
  • Compile a list of IT priorities – as required to drive your business forward
  • Receive first step towards your IT strategy plan, presented in a recognised format

What the workshop involves

  • Participation of one or two senior managers or directors who are stakeholders in the IT interests of the business
  • Answering a short questionnaire taking about twenty minutes
  • A face to face workshop on your premises of about an hour and a half

What we get out of it

  • Working with other businesses helps us develop our services better
  • Should you decide in the future you are interested in our other services, we already know your business well
  • We enjoy doing it!

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