Crick Heitman

Project Description


For 25 years Crick Heitman have been providing exceptional accountancy services around the Greater London area.

They have an excellent reputation, including both reliability and speed of service in meeting their clients’ time critical needs.


As well as speed, data integrity is vital to Crick Heitman’s business. Should data become compromised or accidentally deleted, staff must be able to recover it quickly.

Furthermore, in the event of a disaster, Crick Heitman needs a solution that can quickly recover its systems and maintain business continuity so that deadlines are still met, no reputational damage will be suffered and financial costs to the business will be limited.

Crick Heitman takes the responsibility of its substantial, commercially-sensitive data very seriously, as in addition to being highly confidential, much of it must be stored for many years. Therefore, they asked Pro Drive for two services.

First of all, they required an innovative solution to back-up data and store it with partners who could comply with regulatory requirements, and secondly a reliable and trusted disaster recovery solution.


Pro Drive proposed a business continuity service based on market leading Datto technology because due to the local and cloud storage recovery options.

Daily backup checks and bi-annual disaster recovery testing by Pro Drive were carried out, ensuring Crick Heitman were absolutely certain that data and services could be restored when needed.


A member of staff was checking an absent colleague’s emails, and was tricked into opening a cleverly presented, malicious email containing the ‘Zepto’ ransomware. The email included a fake PDF that launched the ransomware, immediately encrypting the files on her computer and everything connected to it – principally the server.

All Crick Heitman’s network services became instantly unavailable, stopping everybody from working, so they immediately contacted Pro Drive to invoke disaster recovery procedures.

Pro Drive assessed the source of infection and quarantined the infected computer. Simultaneously, they began recovering the servers to their state prior to infection. As data was restored, each service became available and staff were able to continue working.


A full restore was completed overnight and all services were resumed the following morning. There was no reputational damage to Crick Heitman and there was very limited interruption to their services. No data was lost and Pro Drive’s disaster recovery procedures successfully performed as planned.

Chris Derby, Partner at Crick Heitman said: “We lost all of our client information so this was a complete and absolute test of our disaster recovery systems. It got all of our data back and we were back up and running the next day. Not having this in place would have been horrendous.”

“All of our clients rely on us keeping current records” Mr Derby went on to say, “so without the Datto solution and Pro Drive it would have taken us months to catch-up and cost us a lot of money. I can absolutely recommend this solution to other businesses, as I know it works.”