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Data Logic Solutions are a London based software developer providing services to the technology and financial services sectors.

Their software is considered world class and they provide a full end-to-end service from development to delivery, to ongoing support and consultancy.

As they run a helpdesk, it is business critical that their support team is able to make and receive calls and help their customers whenever required.


There were three key challenges the project needed to address.

Data Logic were planning an office relocation but were there was the possibility of only a short term lease at the new premises. With this in mind, they were keen to avoid the costs and logistical challenges associated with relocating an on-premise phone system. The key requirement was that the phone system is independent from their place of work.

Secondly the existing phone system was unreliable.  There were ongoing problems with calls dropping, not being able to transfer calls internally and phones simply not working at all, meant it was time for a change.

Finally a short turnaround was required.  The phone system needed to be fully implemented within 3 days for logistical reasons.


Pro Drive offered their telephony services, proposing a market leading cloud based phone system based on RingCentral technology with call flows setup to route inbound calls to the appropriate support teams.

Staff were provided with desktop phone and softphones and Pro Drive configured their network to optimise call quality.

Users’ phone accounts were integrated with their CRM/helpdesk system to link with client account records and allow ease of use features such as one click dial and call recognition.


Data Logic now have a phone system that is not tied to any location which crucially gives them the flexibility they wanted. They can now operate their support team from anywhere that has an internet connection without any negative impact on customer service.

Steve Powell, CTO at Data Logic said: “Our productivity has increased as we can now work from home which we couldn’t do before. We also now use headsets and the integration with our helpdesk software makes dealing with inbound calls more efficient.”

This freedom to work wherever they choose not only allows for more flexible working, but also provides Data Logic with a greatly improved disaster recovery capability. They no longer have to worry about onsite equipment being compromised by power failure or hardware failure. Even if their internet stopped working, they can easily transfer services to mobiles to allow them to carry on supporting their customers through any downtime.

Pro Drive trained the Data Logic staff and they can now manage the phone system themselves completely independently.

Mr Powell went on to say that the “training from Pro Drive was very clear and they communicated well throughout the process.” When asked to summarise the new solution, he enthused “We have had zero problems with this phone system – it’s been really great and simple to use!”

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