Procyon Oil & Gas

Project Description

Pro Drive has supported Procyon through a period of rapid expansion providing outsourced IT services and strategic consultancy to build a future proof systems architecture.

Procyon Oil & Gas Limited is an engineering consultancy providing services to a broad range of clients in the upstream oil & gas industry for both offshore and onshore locations.


Procyon is a success story. Against a backdrop of economic downturn the company has experienced rapid growth by acquiring a roster of high profile clients. This has meant a rise in the number of IT users in the business from 4 to 50.

Procycon took the decision early on to outsource IT support rather than build up an in-house team. Even with 50 employees it was felt to be too small an operation to warrant an IT department.

Pro Drive had been delivering IT support to Procyon for a number of years following a recommendation to the MD that they were a ‘safe pair of hands’. The rapid expansion and plans for an office move led to the need to provide more extensive support cover and Procyon decided to put the contract out to tender.

“We wanted to make sure that we hadn’t gone on organically without looking at the situation objectively. We wanted to compare what was available to support the changing needs of the business most effectively,” says Suzanne Woodason, IT and Systems Manager for Procyon.


Pro Drive tendered for the business alongside four other competitors. They won the contract by demonstrating their ability to deliver a flexible approach to the type of support that was needed by Procyon.

“Pro Drive won the business because they were not overly prescriptive and we felt they offered more of a bespoke solution. So we got the support we needed for the hours the business required. It’s pretty difficult to find this level of flexibility from a support company so we were delighted with their approach,” says Woodason.

Part of Pro Drive’s response to the tender was to introduce system monitoring using a digital dashboard for fault tracking and remote monitoring of servers. The impact of the remote monitoring has been an increased confidence in the IT systems.

“Prior to the system monitoring we would go in some mornings and the systems would be down and we would have to start from scratch. We had out of hours support but that was no good because no one would log a ticket until the morning when they discovered something was not working. Now Pro Drive are already aware of any system failure and are working on it before we get into work. It’s a big time saver and there’s greater confidence in the systems running for most of the time,” says Woodason.

The service desk support team was expanded as part of the tender and now provides support to Procyon from 7am to 6pm. These extended hours are essential to cover the type of flexible working practises needed to service an international community of clients and partners.

“It’s a good relationship between Pro Drive’s service desk team and Procyon and as a result no one is concerned that they may be reporting an issue that is just a user error. They have confidence that they are going to be dealt with in a friendly and professional manner. People don’t save up problems and are never made to feel like ‘idiot users’ and that’s really important,” says Woodason.

In addition to providing IT support, Pro Drive has worked on a strategic level with Procyon to define the network architecture as well as providing technology insights that have been invaluable to future proofing the IT systems.

“Pro Drive enables our company to keep up to date with the technology. They are very good at forward thinking whenever we need to make any network or system changes. They give us their insights about how the technology is going to change and always have an eye on the costs, so present us with a number of different priced scenarios. I really value this choice of routes and approaches – it’s another example of Pro Drive’s flexible approach.”


The outsourced IT support has been very cost effective and negated the need to build an in-house team.

“We would have had to employ at least two people to provide the levels of support that the company needs. It’s just not practical for us from a cost and management time perspective,” says Woodason, “One of the great things about Pro Drive is that they are happy to collaborate on strategy and provide the day to day support and maintenance needed to keep things running smoothly. They really are good guys to have around.”

Crucially, Procyon are confident that they have selected a vendor that has the capacity and willingness to support the business through further periods of growth, whenever they may occur.

Woodason concludes: “I feel that Pro Drive would be able to cope with the levels of growth if we had another big expansion. They are aware of increases in users and servers and have a good handle on what’s required. We’ll never grow too big for Pro Drive to support us because they will simply grow with us.”