theblueballroom is a full service communications agency, working cross-channel, cross-sector and cross-culture. They work with global brands and smaller local companies to deliver internal and external communications that reach hearts and minds. Their work encompasses global strategy roll-out, leadership communications training, engagement campaigns, employer brand, collaborative cultures and change communications, to name a few.

A robust IT infrastructure is essential to ensure the smooth running of the agency and their work needs to reflect the same connected culture that they envisage for their clients.


theblueballroom is a growing agency, increasing its headcount and customer base. In addition, the agency is finding themselves supporting larger businesses with greater and more complex needs. While the incumbent IT supplier delivered an efficient service, it was decided the company was not equipped to deal with the ever increasing IT delivery requirements.

“We wanted a strategic, proactive IT supplier with the infrastructure to enable them to grow with us and our needs,”

said Dawn Warwick, theblueballroom’s deputy finance MD.

With years of experience in helping businesses to seamlessly upscale their IT, Pro Drive was selected as the preferred supplier to take theblueballroom to the next level and prepare for future expansion. “Pro Drive demonstrated the kind of ethos we were seeking,” said Warwick, adding,

“they work in partnership with their customers to ensure that their IT enables them to deliver an excellent service to their own clients.”


Pro Drive met with senior executives from theblueballroom to conduct a discovery workshop. The meeting enabled participants to discuss the current IT landscape, any obstacles and opportunities and what should be planned for the future. Pro Drive gained a deep understanding of where technology was important to the business and compiled a list of IT priorities required to enable it to progress and meet business objectives.

Describing the process, Warwick said:

“We had several meetings with Pro Drive so that they could fully understand our business, products, customer base, internal processes and the structure of our existing IT. Once this was established, an IT audit was carried out and we then agreed a plan of action to include what equipment changes were required to deliver the flexibility we needed to run our growing business efficiently.”

The changeover included the installation of a new server, a switch of several pcs to laptops and other efficiency changes to the IT infrastructure. Pro Drive project managed the whole process and delivered the upgrade over a single weekend. Their staff were available throughout the weekend and also on the Monday to address any issues staff may have had with their new machines.

“The transfer was smooth and pain free, due to the excellent planning and clear communications throughout the process,” said Warwick. “The Pro Drive team were always accessible throughout to deal with any issues straightaway.”


The consultative approach taken by Pro Drive has given theblueballroom the insight required to incorporate its IT strategy into the overall business approach. The agency is now well placed to grow its IT infrastructure in line with its expanding customer base and staffing levels.

The knowledge, experience and agility of Pro Drive ensures that the agency is one step ahead of future IT demands. Pro Drive is considered a member of theblueballroom IT team, working together to help the agency flourish.

“The changes to our IT have improved our efficiencies, enabling our team to be more mobile, which allows them to service the needs of our clients better,” said Dawn. “Working with Pro Drive has meant that our studio is now at the forefront of the design industry and poised for a bright future,” she concluded.