Last time, in our ‘meet the team’ piece, we introduced half of the lovely people that make up ProDrive. Now we would like you to meet the rest! They are in no particular order, so if you can’t find the person you’re looking for, or a key role in the service we offer, please do go back and read up on the others!

Here goes for the remaining members of staff…

Chris is our Operations Director, but states a personal priority as ‘making ProDrive a nice place to work’ (which it really is). This may be to distract us from assessing his expertise, as he admits he is most likely to exaggerate his knowledge (we won’t tell, promise). He’s not short of bottle though, having jumped off the Aukland sky tower (some 328 metres, if you please). Let’s hope he wasn’t wearing those huge baggy tartan trousers of his at the time!

Our Senior Infrastructure Engineer, Ben, insists he is here to make the place look good (but what we pay him for is to build stuff, install stuff and help people with other stuff…) He’s also made of pretty tough stuff, having entered an extreme sports BMX competition (though he broke his wrist) and refusing to give in to man-flu. Ben says that the most intelligent thing he ever said was “Thank you, I accept your job offer” – we think so too.

Our Managing Director, Bruce, is something of an adrenaline junky, but still says the scariest thing he has ever done is agree to run an IT company! His work comprises ‘a bit of everything’, but his key focus is strategic direction and communicating with staff, partners and clients. Bruce is passionate about Cyber Security & Productivity, helping local businesses via workshops and presentations. He cites listening as a most important skill, and often a better sign of intelligence than speaking!

Our Technical Director, Matt, describes his role as ‘mostly answering the phone’, but in reality his work is professional services, consultancy and technical pre-sales. He can’t think of anything intelligent he has ever said, but we’re sure he must have at some point (if only to get the job). Matt makes exaggerated claims about his weight loss and running, the former not helped by his penchant for burgers and ‘those chocolate mint things that Sian keeps buying’.

And finally… Karl, a front man for customer contact as our 1st Line Service Desk Engineer. Karl admits to wearing crocs, which we’ll forgive as one of his favourite sayings is ‘I’ll get the next round’. His guilty pleasure is cheesy chips and ketchup, and he’s an avid football fan (though highly prone to exaggerate the score). Karl also has a head for heights, including abseiling, zip lines and rock climbing – which no doubt helps keep his trim waistline trim, despite the cheesy chips.

Hopefully, we have given you a flavour of who we are. We’re all extremely dedicated to what we do at ProDrive, and to making a difference in the wider community – but we’re real people too and that’s how we’d like our customers to know us!

If you would like to know more about how we can help your business with IT provision or any aspects of cyber security, please get in touch (it will probably be Karl who answers the phone!) Please call 0330 124 3599 to find out more.

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