Like any business, it’s the people behind the ProDrive name that make it a success. Not just success in terms of business achievements, but in customer experience and commitment to making a difference. We’re all about getting to know our customers, and we’re happy to show you who we are and what we bring to the table.

We’d like to introduce the ProDrive Team!

(Our team has grown over the years, so there are too many of us to write about in one go! We will, therefore, include those who don’t feature in this one blog, next time – so watch this space…)

First up (and in no particular order) we have Ivan. He’s our Service Desk Manager, or ‘nagger’ as he puts it. He also describes himself as the ‘mopper upper’ – dealing with the jobs that no one else will (or can!). When asked about his most daring feat, he replied “Rollerblading down a steep hill into a hedge of thorns”. Ivan also admits his guilty food pleasure is eating custard tarts in one mouthful and thinks the thing he exaggerates most about is how annoying he is (or so he hopes!).

Next, we’d like you to meet Beata, who works in accounts, looking after the financial side of the business. Beata declined to share with us her most daring activity (the mind boggles, but we’ll leave that one there…). She does, however admit to her worst fashion faux-pas of wearing jumpers knitted by her grandmother from odd scraps of wool – if only we had the photos! When asked about the most intelligent thing she’d ever said, Beata replied, “I’ll think about it”.

Up next is Simon, the early-rising-coffee-making-Essex-boy and Service Desk Engineer. Having been an 80’s child, Simon is a proud owner of a decent pair of moon boots, though he admits he’s likely to exaggerate about his (ahem) shoe size. He’s not exaggerating though when he says he has jumped on a 300m bungee and out of a plane! Simon says he has an ‘unhealthy relationship with kebabs, even when sober’. Thankfully, he has a much healthier relationship with clients and colleagues.

Meet Sian, a fellow Service Desk Engineer – AKA The IT Goddess (self-entitled, though not under-serving on a good day). She confesses to a love of speed, having been something of a biker in her twenties and thirties. She denies committing any fashion faux pas (though there are rumours of a peach coloured outfit for her brother’s wedding). Sian considers herself quietly intelligent, except when watching university challenge, or wrestling with an unruly document (cue LOUD expletives).

Let us introduce Jake, our Infrastructure Engineer. In his words, he ‘holds this place together’ – taking care of the hard(ish) jobs and, most importantly, customers’ sites. Jake says he’d love to be paid to search for GIFs all day (but that’s never going to happen). Worryingly, he also admits that he is most likely to exaggerate about his knowledge of IT (though we know that isn’t true!). His most daring feat? Agreeing to have a 4th child!

Meet Clare, procurer of shiny bits of kit and provider of client quotes – as our Account Manager. Her passion for client liaison shines through, though she admits to sending lots of nagging emails. Denying any crimes against fashion, Clare admits her most embarrassing moment was 13 years ago: agreeing to have her hen night filmed for TV (her toes are still curled now). The most intelligent comment she has made is “No thanks, I’ve got work in the morning!”, though we’re rather scared to ask what she turned down…

And on that note: we appreciate you taking time to get to know us, and hope you’ll come back next time to meet the rest of the team! We would love to get to know you and your business, so do get in touch and speak to one of our lovely (if a little quirky) members of staff!

We help local businesses with IT, focussing on increased productivity and, in particular cyber security. To find out how we can help your business, or to enquire about our cyber security work-shops, please call 0330 124 3599 to find out more.

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