Many apps are designed to improve innovation, creativity and productivity in your workplace and personal life. App designers constantly break new ground with ideas we all gravitate towards. Can you remember the last time you booked cinema tickets another way?

It’s true to say a good app can change your life, the way you work and improve your happiness factor, too! But let’s take a look at some of the most popular apps on the market designed to help boost staff productivity levels:

For when inspiration strikes: an app to pen down your thoughts and ideas

Evernote: Capture your every thought as it happens. Creatives and those who like a clean desk will love apps like this. It even stores handwritten notes.

Stop, collaborate and listen: an app designed for project management

Trello: Tools for improving time management tie in with the idea that employees benefit if 20-30% of their time is spent thinking about the bigger picture, how to improve the company brand, how it all ties together.

Staying safe and sane in the maze of passwords

LastPass: Losing time due to password loss, re-typing, or worst-case scenario, getting hacked, can be somewhat averted using password security applications. For businesses, it’s important to keep password security up to date and hard to crack. It’s also a platform with cloud options so you can manage the apps used on and off site.

All under one roof: workplace chat, meetings, notes and attachments all in the Cloud

Microsoft Teams (Office 365): Perfect for joined up thinking, Microsoft has come out with its latest offering in cloud services application technology. Microsoft Teams as part of the Office 365 package. All your favourite and familiar Microsoft files can be co-authored from this app including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint and Power BI.

Put it down: a light-hearted app deterring mobile phone use

Forest: Watch in satisfaction as your forest stays green and lively if you remember to put down that device! Forest is a cute idea. It rewards people who reduce their time on their smartphone and grow a forest when they need ‘a break’. It’s about staying focused, and in this age of internet addiction, probably something to suggest when HR start asking for ideas about how to improve wellness around the office using technology.

The key to office productivity is about using your existing technology with a few smart tweaks. You can always try out and enjoy new apps to enhance productivity. It depends what suits your business needs. To get some more inspiration, why not sign up for our Business Productivity Workshop taking place this October over on Eventbrite?