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In every organisation, IT security is paramount. That’s why Pro Drive makes it an absolute priority. As an experienced cyber security company, we can help you to control and mitigate the risks to your business by identifying threats to your IT systems and preventing problems before they ever happen.

Cyber Security Services

Our cyber security offering comes with a range of specific services to make sure your business is safe from cyber attacks in all their forms. We offer 24/7 security monitoring 365 day a year giving you full protection at all times. Our cyber security team also perform pen testing and network vulnerability tests on your IT systems to highlight any weaknesses we can address. We also provide security audits to analyse your systems and discuss potential problems as well as solutions with you before they become an issue.

We know that the range of hardware and software we all use at work is broad. This is why we include network and computer security as well as mobile, web, and e mail sepcific solutions. This means no matter how your team intereact with the web and other people your systems are secure.

Cyber Security Software and Tools

As people are the most significant vulnerability (and target) facing businesses today, we also have the cyber security tools you need to ensure your procedures and policies keep pace with the ever-evolving cyber-crime threat.

Over the years, we have built up strong partnerships with some of the world’s best cyber security providers. For example, we’re a proud partner of Sophos, providing you with their signature cyber security solution: Intercept X. The artificial intelligence built into this software is an advanced form of machine learning that can detect both known and unknown malware, offering a more scalable and higher-performing security solution than any other.

We also keep our fingers on the pulse of the latest software and hardware developments and improvements — giving us a complete overview of the best-in-class solutions available for boosting business security and productivity.

Combined with our wealth of knowledge in the IT security sector, these ongoing partnerships mean we can offer an unparalleled service when it comes to finding you the latest and most cost-effective security options.

With these cyber security solutions, you can expect your IT systems to be fully secure and reliable, allowing you to maximise uptime and realise great productivity benefits for your business.

Improve Your Cyber Security

Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about our cyber security services. We are based in Woking in Surrey and work with businesses right across the county, the South East, London and the UK.

Services include:

Cyber security guildford

24/7/365 Security monitoring and reporting

IT security Woking, Surrey

Penetration and network vulnerability testing

No hidden charges

Detailed security audits

IT security Surrey

Security policy creation and management

Regular review meetings and reports

Data loss prevention and encryption

Cyber security

Network, computer, mobile, web and email security

“A good indication of how smoothly it has all gone is that I have very little to do with it, I’m just required to sign off as items are completed!” “That said, I am kept fully informed at every stage.”
Ian Ralph, Director at Marketing, Sciences Unlimited

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