Cyber Security Workshop

Protecting your business from cybercrime

Your business is under attack from organised cyber criminals who want to steal or extort money from you. They are anonymous, silent, resourceful and rarely caught.

You might feel this is unlikely to happen to you.  You may also believe you are not a target.  However, the hard evidence says otherwise.  The latest Government Security Breaches Survey found that:

  • 74% of SMEs reported a security breach in the last year
  • For SMEs the average cost of the worst breach is between £75,000 and £310,000
  • SMEs are now being specifically pinpointed by digital attackers

Find out why you are leaving the door open to organised cyber criminals, how it is not all about technology and learn what you need to know them to develop an effective plan to mitigate risk.

“Your workshop was a good wake-up call because this is really happening. I used what I learnt to help train my colleagues and cyber crime will be on my agenda all the time going forward.”

“Good real-life examples were easy to relate to. Excellent facilitator in Bruce. I like the way you gave time for the audience to provoke thoughts relating to their own businesses.”

Scott Harrower, Roffe Swayne Chartered Accountants

“Your workshop really highlights what little changes need to be made to make your business more secure. Very helpful!”

Rhonda Nicoll, Core Capital Partners LLP

“Enjoyed the format and hearing other attendee experiences and opinions. Very informative – lots of food for thought.”

Martin Chessman, MGI Midgley Snelling LLP
“Bruce and Simon deliver a fantastic insight into workplace security vulnerabilities and how to keep your business one step ahead of the hackers. I’m looking forward to the next one”
Jamie Barlow, Hyped Marketing Ltd

Why you should be interested

  • You WILL be a victim of cybercrime – if you have not been so already.
  • Learn about biggest threats that your antivirus, firewalls and other IT security systems are powerless to stop.
  • A successful cyber attack could do long term reputational damage to your business.
  • Clients expect you to handle the data that you hold on them responsibly.
  • Cyber security isn’t a one-off – you should review it every year.

What you get out of it

  • A high level, no-nonsense, evaluation of the cyber threats targeting your business.
  • Know where your risk is – and how it could affect your business.
  • We will help you complete a cybersecurity risk profile of your business.

What we get out of it

  • Your feedback helps us improve our services.
  • You may decide you need us to help you protect your business from cyber attacks.
  • We enjoy doing it!

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