IT Support for Law firms

From document management to case research, the law industry is heavily reliant on technology. It’s therefore essential to keep your IT performing optimally in order to function efficiently and effectively. Whether you’re a small law firm or a larger organisation, it’s critical that any highly sensitive client data is protected. That’s why we offer a range of IT support services for law firms around the UK from software upgrades and cyber security to remote access. Our IT professionals understand the unique challenges law firms face and have the expertise and resources to take them on.

We help to keep your clients’ data secure and your reputation safe.

  • Is your practice completely secure against a data breach?
  • Are you compliant with data protection laws?
  • Can your staff work from anywhere with no loss of productivity?
  • Are you able to accurately predict all your IT costs?

If the answer is no or you are unsure, you may want to book our 90-minute discovery workshop to benchmark your IT, give you insights into where it isn’t performing and help you understand what to do about it.


  • General practice
  • Conveyancing

  • Patent attorneys

  • Data protection and GDPR

  • Lexcel compliance

  • Mimecast email security

  • Cyber Essentials certification


  • Specialist applications including case management
  • 24/7 business-critical IT support

  • Business continuity planning

  • Cyber security & GDPR consultancy

  • Security audits and testing

  • Moving to the cloud

  • Security and compliance training

Pro Drive IT moved us to the latest cloud technologies and implemented appropriate security measures. This was done with careful observation of Best Practice and compliance with regulations … it’s valuable to have a partner who can ensure the correct IT planning is in place as the business continues to grow.

Paul Openshaw
Director, Openshaw & Co. 

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Supporting Digital Transformation for Law Firms

A transformation is taking place in law firms as the sector begins to embrace digitalisation. The Times claims this has been spurred by the need to work remotely during the pandemic and that “law firms are recalibrating how they deliver legal services to clients deploying digital services and data at the core.” (December 2021). This is why Pro Drive IT offers comprehensive IT support for solicitors across Surrey.

There is now a high demand in the legal sector to implement IT infrastructures that can support the growing needs of law firms across the UK. Providing end-to-end solutions and covering IT specialisations including cyber security, communications, cloud services and disaster, recovery and business continuity, Pro Drive is ideally placed to support the legal sector through this digital transformation.

Recently, we partnered with the law firm, Openshaw & Co, migrating their IT storage to a cloud-based service. This solution extended their IT capabilities and ensured they were meeting with the most stringent compliance requirements. Our researched and thoroughly tested solution was able to secure the confidential information of Openshaw & Co’s many blue-chip clients and proved invaluable during periods in which employees were working from home and accessing files remotely.

Data Protection For Law Firms

Law firms are privy to some highly confidential and very sensitive information. This information must be expertly secured with the most robust software. Not only is Pro Drive IT able to source the best cyber security solutions for your law firm, but we can install and maintain these.

Due to the speed at which technology moves, security strategies and systems must be regularly updated and tested to ensure their stringency. We find the best solution available to make your IT security as robust as possible and we also ensure it stays that way.

Cloud Solutions And IT Communications Support For Law Firms

Communication technology has experienced huge growth in the last few years, driven by the need for employees and clients to be able to connect and collaborate. Sometimes even across continents. Technology has enabled us to work from almost anywhere, at any time, but as a traditionally paper-reliant industry, the legal sector has not yet been at the forefront of this. However, as the requirement to work remotely spreads across all industries, law firms are looking to bolster their IT capabilities and migrate to systems that are more flexible and accessible.

Remote technology is not just for those businesses whose employees sometimes work from home. Digitalisation and cloud-based solutions enable employees to access essential files on trains, from the courtroom, in client boardrooms, on the go and from practically anywhere. With the right IT infrastructure, there’s never a need to ‘have to check that when you’re back in the office’.

Law firms we have worked with find the capabilities of cloud technology and our other software solutions empowering. We aim to utilise communications software at the forefront of innovation to increase productivity and take unnecessary obstacles away from your ability to focus on and meet the immediate needs of your clients.

Get in touch with Pro Drive IT today and we’ll be glad to share with you some of the phone and video conferencing solutions that could keep you better connected. We can also introduce you to some of the emerging collaborative software that brings together the talents and knowledge of your team to achieve your goals.

End-to-end IT Support For Law Firms

Pro Drive IT have accumulated the knowledge needed to work on IT strategy, cyber risk assessments and under large migration projects, however, we also support our law firm clients through their day-to-day IT operations. Providing crucial IT Support, you can rely on Pro Drive IT to keep your business running smoothly and ensure your data and systems are secure and accessible.

Please complete the contact form on this page to find out more about what we can do for your law firm.

The benefits of IT support

It can feel pretty isolating when you’re on your own with managing your company’s own IT systems, particularly if your area of expertise is law, not computers! That’s where your business can really benefit from IT support, working alongside you to provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Providing peace of mind by correctly installing and maintaining your IT systems to keep it working safely and effectively, preventing problems in the future.
  • Keeping the threat of cyber-attacks at bay. We can help secure your systems, identify threats and vulnerabilities, and ensure that you and your team know what to watch out for.
  • Implementing cloud-based solutions to keep everyone working together, wherever they are. If flexible working is something you’d like to explore, but a legacy IT system is holding you back, we can help.
  • Making down time less of a catastrophe by working with you to develop disaster and business continuity strategies.
  • Keeping your team and your customers connected through communication systems that can adapt to hybrid working.
  • Making IT less of a worry with 24/7 support.

Why choose Pro Drive IT?

We know that your IT system is crucial to the smooth running of your law firm; that previously paper-led system is now, increasingly, online. That means that you need an IT partner you can trust, not only to smooth out your processes and keep client data safe, but to be on hand to suggest upgrades, provide support, and answer all your queries honestly and in plain English. That’s what we’re proud to offer to your legal firm here at Pro Drive IT.

With a wealth of experience in so many areas of IT, particularly cyber security, cloud-based file storage, strategy, audits and more, we’re best placed to provide your law firm with everything it needs to thrive. Supporting legal firms across Surrey and beyond, our knowledgeable team can work with you to understand exactly what you, your team and your clients need both now, and in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, at Pro Drive IT we use the latest cloud-based technologies as part of our IT support systems.

Yes, we provide a wide range of services for our law firm clientele that covers elements such as GDPR and cyber security. We also provider Cyber Essentials certification services as required by Lexel and recommended by the SRA.

No need to worry if members of your team work from home, as we can provide IT solutions to your workforce regardless of their location.

Yes, our law firm IT support solutions are offered with 24/7 business critical IT support for added peace of mind.

No, we are capable of performing security audits and testing on your IT systems to see how they currently perform and we can make recommendations from the data we produce.

Yes, as part of our IT solutions we are able to provide software updates to all of your IT systems.

Yes, it’s our pleasure to be able to benchmark your current IT set up, and make suggestions as to where improvements can be made. Our security audit is free!

Yes, we can offer both online and in-person workshops.

We operate from Surrey, so we cover all the areas within the county, plus further afield to West Sussex, Hampshire, London, and Berkshire.

In short, we’ll benchmark your IT set up, identify cost savings and quick wins, and then help you create a strategic IT plan for your law firm.

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