Yes it is true – it is now possible to buy a tablet PC running a full version of Windows 8.1 for less than £100!

So how is this possible? They run a version of Windows called “Windows 8.1 with Bing”.  The ‘Bing’ part is important – by bundling Microsoft Bing as the default search engine in Internet Explorer, Microsoft make the software available for free thus allowing manufacturers to sell the devices very cheaply and compete with the low cost Android devices on the market.

A number of devices are already on the market including the HP Stream and Linx tablets.  They are even supplied complete with a 12 month Office 365 Personal subscription for home use.

So why would you want to buy one of these new devices?  Well the obviously make great low cost personal devices – particularly for children who are using Windows PCs at school.  However they are also great devices for mobile workers. Not as a laptop replacement but certainly as complimentary devices for users who already use a desktop PC or a larger laptop.  They may also be useful for site workers such as foreman who do not necessarily have a permanent office.

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