MSP Secretaries

MSP Secretaries & Share Registrars

MSP Secretaries is a Surrey-based provider offering company secretarial and corporate services to businesses across the UK.  Along with its subsidiary business Share Registrars, a CREST-enabled share registrar, MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars focus heavily on investing in their technology platform which allows them to provide cutting-edge customer service to their clients and maintain their position as one of the leading providers in their sector.

We are delighted with the personal service provided by Pro Drive and their diligence in guiding us through a potentially complex certification process covering both our payroll and company secretarial services both of which need perfect security.

John Stuttaford - Chairman, MSP Secretaries


With the technology platform unashamedly being the core element of their offering, MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars were keen to demonstrate the level of security it offers their clients’ data.  And equally, as with any organisation in the cyber-aware world, clients wanted the peace of mind associated with this.

As a result, MSP/Share approached Pro Drive to help them put in place a recognised security standard.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a UK Government standard which helps you guard against the most common cyber threats.


Pro Drive recommended that MSP Share adopt the UK-government-backed Cyber Essentials security standard, of which they were already aware, alongside the IASME governance standard.  As well as certifying the secure setup of their IT systems, this enabled MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars to demonstrate they had a best practice Information Security Framework in place and were working in compliance with the recently introduced GDPR data protection laws.

Following the decision to go ahead, workshops were held with senior management at MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars to help them understand where they currently complied with the standards and what, in simple terms, they needed to do in order to close any gaps.  Where required, appropriate technical solutions were identified, and assistance was provided to help them put these in place. Advice was also given, along with example templates to support, to help ensure policies and procedures were in line with best practice.

As the certification requirements were achieved, Pro Drive maintained a certification project plan to ensure all parties were focused on their outstanding tasks and what was required to achieve the end goal.

Pro Drive provided excellent support throughout the project, helped translate the technical terms into a language that made sense and suggested practical solutions to any obstacles encountered along the way.

Peter Ronayne – Director, Share Registrars


Having had their security certification signed off, MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars decided to invite tenders for the management of their entire IT platform and network. They were keen to find a partner who could provide both the technical expertise to manage the platform but also the strategic advice to help them ensure they remain at the forefront of innovation and security for their clients.

Following Pro Drive’s engagement on the security and certification project, the company was selected and further systems usability improvements – including an advanced wireless system covering all MSP Secretaries and Share Registrars’ offices – are already in the pipeline.