At the beginning of the year, the 2019 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) saw more than 180,000 people descend on the Las Vegas desert – as tech lovers from around the world rushed to get a first look at the latest products and services from over 4,400 companies.

One of the biggest and most exciting fixtures in the tech calendar, the show has long been seen as the global stage for next-generation innovations. Making it the ideal place to see what’s what in the electronics industry.

From a ‘selfie’ drone phone case to robotic suitcases and self-driving cars – we kept a close eye on all the emerging tech and gadgets. Here’s a rundown of the ones we’re lusting after and what the team had to say about them…

The ‘selfie’ drone phone case

“The Selfly device seemed very interesting because not only is it an autonomous flying phone case camera which will easily fit in your pocket – but it’s also controlled by picture manipulation. All you do is zoom in and out of pictures by pinching the screen with two fingers or moving the picture in any desired direction, and the app will translate your orders to change the location of the drone accordingly in order to get the shot you want. Simples!”

– Ivan Dos Santos

Advanced wireless charging

“Think of all those devices you have at home and all those power cords that go along with them, especially around the entertainment centre (TV, stereo, DVD player, games console and so on). It could all be wireless thanks to the ultrasonic power supply technology developed by start-up company uBeam. Much cleaner and tidier. I also really like the idea of having this technology built into roads to charge or power electric cars while you’re driving them, removing the need for charging points anywhere.”

– Ben Treen

‘Hands-free’ robotic suitcases

“After extensive travelling, I am more than happy to carry a bag on my back whilst navigating an airport, but the idea and look of this side-follow carry-on has a novel feel – almost as though it’s a Star Wars like droid following me around, beeping and interacting with me. Although an issue with this, I guess, is that it could cause all kinds of issues problems with airport security and be very attractive to thieves around the world.”

– Simon Gilson

And there’s plenty more where they came from, with the show also seeing exciting tech such as folding phone screens, a yoga mirror that teaches you poses – and even an Alexa-enabled toilet! But while these tech innovations are all great fun, and undoubtedly do have their own uses, they don’t serve solve any real problems. Unlike these innovative developments…

Self-driving cars

“Having seen my friends’ lives turned upside down due to traffic accidents, and having been involved in a major accident myself, anything that makes the roads safer is something I like. All the developments in self-driving cars will hopefully mean that more cars soon have the same impressive safety record as the Volvo XC90. It’s been on sale for 16 years in the UK and there have been no reported deaths of either drivers or passenger in it. That and I love the idea of being able to use my commuting time more productively!”

– Chris Morrell

A wearable blood sugar level monitor

Airbetic is a wearable smart device to give diabetes sufferers a way of testing blood sugar levels without the need to wear painful monitoring devices or take regular finger pricks. The really clever part of this technology is not the fact that it is a smart device – but the ‘nano gas sensors’ which the device uses to detect an individual’s blood sugar levels from only their exhaled breath. Unlike a lot of the inventions at the CES which seem to be aimed at solving problems that do not exist, this could have a genuine impact on someone’s quality of life, so it definitely gets my vote!”

– Bruce Penson

At Pro Drive IT, we’re constantly adapting our services to suit evolving technologies and the threats they bring. We’re looking forward to seeing what becomes of these developments in the year ahead – but, more importantly, we’ll be keeping a close eye on the security issues that come along with them.

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