Some time ago we wrote an article on connecting your computer to a display with wireless. Whilst at Pro Drive we are normally big advocates of practicing what we preach, in this case we didn’t stick to our values.

However after some recent ‘cable frustration’ we finally saw sense and purchased a Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. The Microsoft wireless adapter uses something called ‘Miracast’ to establish a wireless link between your laptop and your adapter – it will work with any laptop that shipped with Windows 8 or newer (look for the sticker on your device). The adapter itself plugs into an HDMI socket on your TV or monitor and also requires a USB socket (present on most large screen TVs) to draw its power. It costs about £50.

So how is it in use? Well, the short answer is very good. Once plugged in, connecting it is a doddle – simply use your Windows display settings (simply start typing ‘display’ when in the start menu), click to connect to a wireless display and Windows should discover the adapter. Once you select it you are ready to go! The adapter will project both the screen and audio from your laptop.

We noticed the picture to be crisp. There is some jerkiness when moving the mouse or windows around but in practice on a large screen TV or projector this is not that noticeable. The jerkiness probably does limit the effectiveness for use on a desktop monitor but it is certainly usable.

The most useful application for business is clearly for meeting room TVs and projectors to allow all your staff and visitors to present without having to worry about having the right av cables handy and having an unsightly mass of cables on your meeting table. For mobile staff who present a lot, it might also be a useful device to carry about.

Contact your account manager if you would like to know more.