We’re focusing here on how using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Number-Matching can help businesses protect themselves against cyber attacks. Recently, Microsoft has set this feature as the default option for all Authenticator Push notifications to further fortify your digital environment.

Why use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Number-Matching?

Online security breaches are not only more prevalent but can be devastating for businesses, especially where loss of valuable or sensitive data has occurred and there are financial, reputational and legal consequences to face. Number-matching MFA is simple to use and provides an effective, additional layer of verification which is now crucial in safeguarding data.

Understanding Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

If you’re unfamiliar with Multi-Factor Authentication, it’s an additional security fence for your online accounts. It takes identity verification beyond mere password entry, introducing an extra ‘factor’ of authentication to make it harder for cyber criminals – like entering a matching number or providing a fingerprint scan.

MFA number matching to protect against cyber attacks

How does MFA Number-Matching work?

Microsoft’s MFA Number-Matching security feature is a straightforward, yet potent tool to strengthen the protection of your accounts. Once you input your password, a two-digit number will appear on your screen. Simultaneously, a notification on your Authenticator app will prompt you to enter this number. It’s as simple as matching the numbers, and you’re securely logged in.

Why is Number Matching better than other MFA methods?

Number Matching is a solution to combat a phenomenon known as “MFA Fatigue.” In this type of attack, a hacker armed with stolen credentials attempts multiple log-ins on an MFA-enabled user account, bombarding the user’s device with sign-in approval requests. The cybercriminal hopes that the victim, perhaps while distracted or frustrated by what’s happening, will eventually approve the request (and yes, this DOES happen – all the time!).

Think of scenarios you have been in yourself where you are frantically busy and you just need to get on – or where a work colleague is dealing with multiple tasks and it’s nearly the end of the day – it can be very easy to approve an authentication request in these and other pressured situations without thinking it through. However, with Number Matching, the risk of inadvertently approving such a request is removed. Users need to actively enter the number displayed on their screen, effectively diffusing the potential MFA Fatigue attack.

Online security requires constant vigilance and employing effective tools like MFA Number Matching is another weapon in your armoury against cyber attacks.

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