Microsoft have just released a number of exciting updates for their OneDrive service which we at Pro Drive are delighted to see and we are certain will be of benefit to our customers.

OneDrive is Microsoft online file storage platform which allows you to store your documents, pictures and videos online, share them and access them from any device at any time.

Updated app for iPhone and iPad

A new app for Apple iOS devices has just been released that allows you to access both personal and business one drive accounts – so there is no need to have a separate app for your personal and work documents.  As well as saving timeaccessing your data this will allow you to free up valuable space on your home screen!

OneDrive app for Apple Mac

Finally an application to allow access to your OneDrive documents directly from your Mac without the need for logging in via a web browser is due imminently.  As with the Windows equivalent, it will also let you synchronise OneDrive folders so you can view them when working without an internet connection.