Wearable tech has come a long way since the Casio calculator watch. It is now a direct link to our phones with instant notifications of incoming calls, messages, Facebook updates and even turn by turn navigation.

There are many smart watches on the market but the Pebble is by far the most affordable without losing out on too much of what makes a smart watch smart.

With 1000’s of watch faces and Apps it is also the most customisable device of its kind and with pebble 2.0 just around the corner it’s going to a market rocker. Pebble are giving anyone the ability to make apps, watchfaces and now even accessories that will coincide with the watch.

The pebble is a great device for anyone who wants to be in with the ‘cool kids’; but also up to date with the latest in technology.

Personal experience

I wear mine every day! I use it to control my music while out running. I use it to answer my phone hands free in the car. And I even use it to see my notifications at a glance while at work.

My main used watch face is the LoveWeather one which gives the time/date/battery life and also the outside temperature and an image of what the day is like sun/clouds/rain/snow.

For further reading on the Pebble, apps and watchfaces available follow the links below: