When Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference kicked off on the 14th July, the first to take to the stage was Phil Sorgen.

While on stage, Phil stated that “Office 365 is fastest-growing corporate product ever,” which was big news for several reasons.

  1. It shows that the software as a service  (SAAS) business model is viable for Microsoft.
  2. Office shows to be still a leading suite in the world and that Microsoft’s new subscription model is aligning to business needs.

To help further Office 365, Microsoft has announced new plans in the last week that offer more clarity into their solutions and make the service more attractive to small and medium businesses.

While Microsoft is facing increased competition from the likes of Google Docs, no other productivity suite has been able so far to better Office, especially Excel. While other services have matched the feature sets of Word and PowerPoint, no other company has been able to match Excel; this spreadsheet application is likely the keystone to the Office suite for many corporations around the world.

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