At Pro Drive we do feel obliged to ensure we are ‘early adopters’ of the latest technology – learning it early before our customers start using it. However there is always a certain sense of trepidation when moving to new software as soon as it is released, especially one we use almost constantly throughout the day. However we have made the ‘jump’ with Office 2016 – so what has changed?

Well on first impressions not a lot. Other than a few new colours it looks and feels remarkably similar to Office 2013. However closer inspections reveals a number of useful improvements:


Office 2016 is all about sharing, increasing productivity and collaborating no matter where you are.

  • Two people can now work on the same document simultaneously with real time typing updates
  • Multiple people can collaborate on Onenote notebooks – updating notes in real time
  • A new ‘Share’ button in office makes it simple to share Office documents with others via the Cloud

Better email

Outlook now helps you keep a tidier inbox

  • Focused inbox – outlook learns which email is priority and what can be dealt with later. And organises it accordingly
  • Better attachments – by using the cloud to share attachments, outlook keeps better control of them
  • Less time searching – by easily selecting recently accessed files, the process of attaching documents is simplified

Insightful Spreadsheets

Excel has gained a host of new powerful analytical features:

  • Once click forecasting – use new algorithms to create instant forecasts from historical data
  • New charts – including Treemap, Waterfall, Pareto, Histogram, Box and Whisker, and Sunburst.

This is just a taster of the new features. For a more comprehensive list check out the Microsoft Office website.

If you would like to know move about upgrading to Office 2016 please contact your Account Manager.