Business Continuity Tools

Planning for a disaster begins by understanding what a disaster is. And every business is different. So to help you understand the risk for your business we have provided some business continuity tools – free for you to use for your business contingency planning.

Business Continuity Assessment Tool

Understanding the risk to your business is the first stage of planning. And assessing risk is an involved but essential process. We help businesses understand the risks through our business continuity planning workshops – but for an instant assessment of your risk, try our business continuity tool.

Recovery Time and Cost Calculator

Knowing the recovery time your business requires is crucial for your DR planning. But so is knowing how much data you can afford to lose. These are known as Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO). To understand what this means to your business you will need some idea of the cost of a disaster. Our calculator will help you work it out.

What next?

Hopefully you now have some idea of the level of risk your business faces, your recovery time and recovery point objectives and an indication of the cost of not having the right systems in place. If you are at all concerned or worried, contact us – we will help you take the right approach to address it.

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