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Join our FREE webinar on 22nd February – it’s actually World Thinking Day and this short event will really make you think if you don’t believe a cyber attack will ever hit your business – you will be shocked at the facts. And it will save you time and thought in putting together an effective and robust Cyber Incident Response Plan to be ready for such an attack. 

With a Cyber Incident Response Plan to follow, instead of panicking you’ll know what to do and who to involve.

Why you should attend

  1. People panic when an attack occurs.  This delays action, will cost money and puts your firm at risk.  Having a plan ensures immediate action.
  2. Reacting slowly puts your data at risk – and can result in fines by regulators like the Information Commissioner’s Office or lost clients.
  3. UK data protection laws and GDPR state you should have a response plan.
  4. Most insurance companies now require you to have a Cyber Incident Response Plan.
  5. It’s not just huge businesses that get attacked – all sizes of organisation are affected.

What you get out of it

  • We will show you how to put a plan together, detailing each step and we’ll answer your questions about it.
  • We’ll explain who should be involved or notified if you suffer a cyber incident and what they need to do.

Cyber Attacks can close businesses: it could happen to you!

  • The Works shut shops temporarily and suspended new stock deliveries after a breach.
  • A £3.1m ransom was paid to cyber criminals for taking Colonial Pipeline offline.
  • JBS, the world’s largest meat processing company paid criminals £7.8m.
  • Travelex collapsed into administration 7 months after being crippled by ransomware.
  • The Heritage Company laid off 300 staff before Christmas after a catastrophic cyber attack.
  • It’s not just huge businesses that get attacked – all sizes of organisation are being targeted.


Bruce Penson, Managing Director, Pro Drive IT

Bruce Penson and Pro Drive IT love helping people use tech to do business better. Bruce is a cyber security presenter with many years’ experience in the IT sector, especially with Professional Services, Financial Services, Legal and Energy industries.

Don’t miss this opportunity to prepare your Cyber Incident Response Plan and learn what to do in the event of an attack.