The Pro Drive IT Guarantee

Worried about the cost, time and disruption involved in switching IT service providers? Our guarantee takes away the risk. 

Pro Drive IT

We understand that when you put your IT in the hands of a third party, you need to be able to trust that they’ll do an excellent job. 

Rest assured: our team is so confident you’ll have a positive experience when you sign up with us that we’re offering the Pro Drive IT guarantee! 

What’s the Pro Drive IT guarantee? 

Here’s our promise to you…  

If we haven’t measurably improved your IT after three months, we’ll refund your support costs. You’re then free to leave us if you want to. Simple as that.

How does it work? 

After you’ve signed up with Pro Drive IT, our team will start executing a four-step plan… 

  1. Before making improvements, we’ll conduct an initial audit of your current setup. This process will involve a detailed assessment of how IT is used within your business and, crucially, any risks that exist.
  2. Our IT specialists will provide a report of our findings with a benchmark score. Then, we’ll work with you to define how your IT can deliver more — looking at cost savings and other quick wins — and help you develop a strategic IT plan to smash your business goals. 

  3. Three months after our initial IT audit, we’ll carry out a second assessment and provide a new score to determine how things have changed. 
  4. If the score shows that we haven’t improved your IT since you started working with us, well refund your first three months of IT support. After that, you can leave us if you want to — but we think you’ll stick around  

With the Pro Drive IT guarantee, you can trust us to develop a roadmap that ensures your IT goals are met and that they align with your business targets.  

What are the T&Cs? 

We like to keep things simple here at Pro Drive IT — so we’ve got just three conditions for you to be aware of 

We’ll discuss and agree on the scope of work we’ll be doing for you before we get started. The Pro Drive IT guarantee will only cover what comes under this agreement.

Anything outside of our control — an unexpected disaster like a fire in your office, for example — isn’t covered by the performance guarantee 

The guarantee covers three months only, regardless of where we are in the transformation process when it comes to an end.

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