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How to work remotely, stay secure & increase productivity

Working as we know it has changed and the new reality has come as a shock to many businesses. We understand now that this will possibly become a ‘new normal’ and, with global uncertainty over the coronavirus epidemic, more disruption could follow. In fact it’s likely that the patterns of business will be changed forever.

Companies who can’t adapt will fall behind – they will struggle to find new clients, recruit and retain talent and make a profit when faced with low productivity and high overheads. They will be overtaken by those with a flexible, digitally-enabled workforce who are prepared for a turbulent business world.

And there’s another concern for all businesses: a major data breach – which is a far higher risk with staff working on vulnerable home IT networks – could be the final nail in the coffin.

How on-premise IT systems will suffocate your business

With the disruption from remote working, fall in demand and global uncertainty, replacing IT systems may not be your priority. But out-of-date technology will put you on the back foot at a time when the pressure is on.  Here’s why:

  • Poor productivity – that will cost your firm money when pressure is already on the bottom line
  • Unmotivated staff – flaky IT systems affect staff morale and engagement
  • Frustrated clients – your clients could become annoyed if technology prevents you delivering
  • Damaged reputation – if your remote-working systems look amateur, so will your firm
  • Losing clients – a data breach or cyber attack due to unsecure home IT could have your clients leaving in droves
  • Hiring and retaining talent – the best people will want to work for firms with IT systems that fit their new lifestyle
  • Competitive disadvantage – history shows that companies who don’t adapt to change fail. Don’t be a Blockbuster video!

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How technology will enable you to thrive in the new working environment

Now is the time to take back the advantage and use technology to drive your business forward:

  • Moving to the latest, secure cloud platforms has never been easier or more affordable
  • Cloud technology can be accessed safely from any location and from any device, personal or business
  • It gives you the latest communication and collaboration tools essential for remote workers
  • You have the flexibility to scale up and down as business needs change
  • You can save spend on replacing IT equipment for remote workers

Cloud gives you the tools to help safely navigate this turbulent business climate.

FREE remote-working readiness workshop

To support businesses in this uncertain time, the team at Pro Drive can run a free-of-charge workshop. They will help you identify where you can make your business more competitive, more productive and reduce risks in the current business environment.

We understand that every business needs to consider budgets, especially during these tough times. In the workshop, we will also prepare a ‘tech budget’ for you so you can see the Return On Investment.

Cloud transformation with NO UPFRONT COST!

If we agree a plan from your workshop, we can move you to the cloud with no upfront project costs. Even if you require new hardware!

And, to top it all off, we can lock in up to two months’ free service on Microsoft’s Azure Cloud platform, as well as secure other incentives with our partners Microsoft and RingCentral.

Pro Drive IT Cloud Working

Cloud services include:

Proof of concept and cloud migration

Proof of concept and cloud migration

Hosted servers and networks

Hosted servers and networks

Email and messaging compliance

Email and messaging compliance

Online backup and disaster recovery

Online backup and disaster recovery

Phones and videoconferencing

Phones and video-conferencing

File synchronisation and sharing

File synchronisation and sharing

Cloud to Cloud backup

Cloud to Cloud backup

Office 365 Migration

Office 365 Migration

Cloud services software Integration and automation

Cloud software integration and automation

Technology we recommend to help you…

Microsoft Office 365

Secure your staff with personal computers and provide them with the tools they need to store company data, connect with each other and be more productive!

Windows Virtual Desktop

The best way to run your business’ specific applications in the Cloud. All of your team can access apps easily – as long as they have an internet connection.

RingCentral Office

A cloud-based phone and video conferencing system that provides a reliable, flexible service. This will support your staff and business whilst working remotely.

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“We now have everything in place for our business to expand successfully. We have worked with the same key Pro Drive people throughout the process and the excellent relationship we have with their team allows us to add to our premises portfolio confident that each new outlet will be quickly and professionally brought on board”
Matt Watt, Commercial Manager, Tucker French
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