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Has your business productivity declined with remote working?

With the end of restrictions in sight, companies are planning their return to the workplace. But rather than going back to the traditional ‘9 to 5’ office model, many have realised that coming out of a pandemic presents unique opportunities to embrace new, more hybrid ways of working.

Now is the time to take stock of your IT and review what worked well over the past year — and, more importantly, what didn’t!

Every organisation will have different answers to how staff work. But in a business world dependent on technology, the smallest of problems can have the biggest impact. Clients rely on you and your technology, meaning any downtime can result in significant reputational damage and costs.

Whether you choose a remote, on-site or hybrid approach, the decision will need to be backed up by a sound IT and cyber security strategy. A strategy based on IT solutions that boost productivity, enabling your staff to remain connected, engaged and collaborative — wherever they are.

Tech challenges getting in the way?

We can take care of your IT systems and cyber security — removing the tech challenges that disrupt business-critical activities.

From our base in Woking, Pro Drive IT supports businesses across London, Surrey and the South East with a range of IT solutions designed to boost productivity.

So, you can guarantee that your people can perform at their best, however they work.

Business IT support

Our IT support services are tailored to your business. We know that no two companies are the same, which is why we focus specifically on your needs to ensure your IT solutions contribute proactively to a successful and productive business.

Technology only works well if it’s properly installed. Our expert IT team will ensure your systems are installed correctly and maintain them to safeguard your business’ daily and long-term operations — alleviating any downtime or stress at your end.

Cyber security

IT security is paramount in every organisation — now more than ever. Pro Drive IT prioritises your cyber security, helping you to control and mitigate risks by identifying threats to your IT and preventing problems before they happen.

With our cyber security solutions, you can expect your IT systems to be secure and reliable — whether staff are working remotely or on-site — to maximise uptime and boost your business productivity.

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Investing in robust IT and cyber security systems now will give your business the framework for a smooth start post-pandemic.

If you want to find out how your remote working setup matches up, leave it with us. We’ll take care of it with our remote working assessment — helping you to mitigate risks and employ the best IT solutions to boost productivity wherever you are. Contact us now to arrange your free assessment.

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