So you have IT, you may even have an IT Department, so why outsource? Read on…

IT when poorly maintained will cost your company time and money. Having to recruit and train IT staff, keeping the technology up-to-date and other factors are already a huge financial burden and can be a great risk for small and medium-sized companies, especially for those without the right technical experience in-house or otherwise.

Typically we find companies talk to us as they are frustrated about IT becoming too complex or find they spend a lot of time suffering because of poor services and support.

Here are 8 reasons why we feel outsourcing IT could help you:

1. Reduce the risk of making a wrong decision

We live IT – it’s what we do. Not every company has the time to invest in staff and hope they become proficient IT experts. Our staff understand how IT will affect your business. When you consider “what’s the best backup solution?” or “are you getting the best setup?” are you really willing to invest that time to make the wrong call? We work with you and understand your business, its challenges, and how best to fix them (even if we can’t).

2. Keep your technology up-to-date without having to think about it

Keeping your business practices in the ‘now’ can be confusing and annoying. This can include manually seeking and implementing security updates, software updates, patches and backups. These updates may even have to be done on an ad-hoc basis because not all of your computers need these updates, right? Or do they? We have a business practice that allows us to remove this worry from you and make sure that what needs doing is done, while allowing you to be as aware that it has happened as you want.

3. Allowing you staff to experience a better quality of service and reduced downtime

So you have your employees working as normal and they need to email, print something for a client or offer your services before your competitors make their move and bam – the system freezes! Your IT is flat out and you do not have the time to resolve this issue. What do you do? Would it not be good to have the issue fixed quickly, sometimes before you even notice the problem – so you don’t miss out on any business?

4. No headaches from staff turnover

Employee turnover is inevitable – it’s part and parcel of business. But what if the turnover was faster than you are used to and the person that was responsible for IT is gone. Now what happens to your IT? And they have your valuable passwords! And the admin rights! And now you can’t function! Would it not be good not to have to worry about this risk?

5. Receive qualified professional advice with no jargon

You have spent days talking to companies who talk to you about your system and all they do throughout is throw abbreviations at you until you are sick of initials. And what’s worse you have no idea what they mean and why they are important if at all. You want to have a conversation with a person who actually wants one with you. Don’t you?

6. Have technology that will transform your business at a cost that won’t scare you

We’ve all been there, you want your IT to do as much of the thinking work as possible but your IT just isn’t up to scratch. You investigate what you need and then you look at the costs. Are you looking for a cheap price? Cheap prices mean poor service? Great support means high costs? Do you feel dizzy with the idea that it costs you THAT MUCH for the support you want and because of all those extras you’ll never use. We would offer you a drink, a sit down and help you understand where to invest your money while making sure you will get and pay for only that which you need.

7. Create more time for you to develop your business, not waste it troubleshooting

You’re a manager, director or C-level officer and the last thing you have time for is filling in as the on-call IT guy whilst you have your own job to do. You can’t afford to delegate it to someone inexperienced in IT because of the risks so what do you do next? You then have to consider what your time is worth to your business – it is guaranteed to be far more than it would cost you to have IT managed externally! All you would have to do is call us and we would then take the responsibility to fix it. So you can now focus your time once again earning money for your business.

8. Backing up your data? But can you recover it?

You have a backup in place and you spend a lot of money backing up your data regularly. Something goes amiss and you call your backup manager who assures you that you were covered. He then explains that you either cannot recover or that it will take surplus of X days before this is completed due to your data allowance or bandwidth allocation. You can now no longer work! The X days pass and then you realise you backup didn’t work or it was only half the backup you thought you were storing.

Entrusting an expert to design and operate your recovery systems gives you the best chance of operating during your “downtime”. We would regularly test and monitor restores and uptime to make sure your business can be back working to full capacity in the shortest time possible.

In short, we feel ‘Managed IT’ is a great solution, but it’s not for everyone and maybe it’s not for you, but would it hurt to talk to us about it? All we would do is understand if this is relevant to you, please contact us to see if our experience could benefit you.