If you are using Microsoft 365 and have a license for Microsoft 365 E3, E5, Business Standard or Business Premium you may have recently noticed a new ‘button’ appearing in the bar of the Microsoft Edge web browser. This innocuous looking symbol is the gateway to ‘Bing Chat Enterprise’, Microsoft’s generative AI chat service which is live in ‘preview’ now.

You may understandably be getting rather confused with the proliferation of new AI tools from Microsoft. We recently reported on the release of Microsoft Co-Pilot, an AI based tool specifically to designed to automate tasks in Windows and Office and to respond to prompts based on data held in your SharePoint and OneDrive.

Bing Chat Enterprise is instead essentially a Microsoft banded version of ChatGPT.  However there is a key difference which is that the questions and data you feed into it, and the data it generates, are protected by commercial data protection and not used to train the AI engine or accessible by anyone else. This helps to alleviate one of the key concerns for businesses in letting their staff access AI tools.

You can chat with Bing Chat Enterprise from Bing.com/chat, the Microsoft Edge sidebar, or the Microsoft Edge mobile app, using your work account. You can also access it from Windows Copilot in the future.

So what can you do with Bing Chat Enterprise?

Bing Chat Enterprise is not just a regular chatbot. It can understand complex queries, provide complete and verifiable answers with citations, and generate visual answers that include graphs, charts, and images. It can also help you create original content, such as social media posts, blog articles, code snippets, and more, using its own words and knowledge.

Here are some examples of how you can use Bing Chat Enterprise to get work done:

  • Understand the implications of a decision: You can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you weigh the pros and cons of different options, such as “What are the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing IT services?” or “How can I measure the return on investment of a marketing campaign?”
  • Learn new skills: You can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to teach you new concepts or skills, such as “What are the best practices for remote work?” or “How can I use Power BI to create interactive dashboards?”
  • Analyse data: You can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you perform calculations, comparisons, or analyses on data, such as “What is the average salary of a software engineer in the UK?” or “How does our revenue growth compare with our competitors?”
  • Summarize documents: You can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you recap the main points of a document, such as “What are the key findings of this market research report?” or “What are the main recommendations of this project proposal?”
  • Write better code faster: You can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you write, debug, or optimize code, such as “Write a function in Python that reverses a string” or “How can I improve the performance of this SQL query?”
  • Plan a business trip: You can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you find the best travel options, such as “Where should I stay in Berlin that is close to the conference venue?” or “What are the best restaurants near my hotel?”
  • Generate social media content: You can ask Bing Chat Enterprise to help you create engaging posts for your audience, such as “Use this product description to generate 5 tweets promoting its benefits” or “Write a catchy headline for this blog post about AI trends.”

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