On 21 September, learn what your business needs to do if you experience a cyber attack and leave our workshop with a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan you can follow.

Why? Because any business can be attacked at any time now. Sadly, as cyber crime has become more sophisticated and widespread, it is more a question of when rather than if your business is going to be attacked. What would happen to your business if you have a cyber attack? Here are a few outcomes:

  1. Disruption that could take down your business.
  2. Loss of valuable and sensitive data.
  3. Having to tell clients and other stakeholders what has happened.
  4. Potential fine by regulators like Information Commissioner’s Office – and others (especially if you’re in a regulated business like Financial Services, Accountancy, Law and Energy).
  5. Loss of reputation and – in some cases – your entire business.

You may know this. You may have attended briefings about how to protect your business against cyber security attacks – or even webinars on how to write a Cyber Security Incident Plan.

So, what have you done as a result? Have you written that Cyber Security Incident Plan to follow, outlining actions that need to be taken and who must be involved or notified?

Don’t waste time. Sign up to this short workshop with us on writing a Cyber Security Incident Response Plan and get it DONE FAST. The event will be held in Woking, Surrey.

When you complete the full day workshop you will have:

  • Written a Cyber Incident Response Plan for your business to use in the event of a cyber attack.
  • Learnt who needs to be involved and what they need to do.
  • Found out who will need to be notified.
  • Discovered what steps must be taken and in what order if you experience a cyber attack.

The workshop costs £200 per person. With a maximum of six people, make sure one of them is you! You’ll get all your questions answered and the session is tailored to your business needs.

Arrive at 8.45am to start the workshop at 9am. There will be refreshments before finishing at 1 pm.