We demonstrate some home office technology ideas and kit, in response to questions about how to improve productivity and professionalism when remote working.

What better day to talk about home office tech products than on Black Friday? Love it or loathe it, the actual day is here again – but this year the sales have been extended to try and encourage more online shoppers during the pandemic. And then, of course, there’ll be Cyber Monday on 30th November.

Online retail giant Amazon introduced Black Friday to the UK in 2010, promoting a range of discounts and deals to consumers. And you can get some fantastic tech offers on items like laptops and headphones at many online tech retailers.

It’s likely to be busy so be prepared with a list. Here are our tips …

Home office technology ideas for the perfect remote set-up

We thought the easiest way to share our thoughts would be if our Pro Drive directors invite you into their own home set-ups, so here they are! Enjoy the video.

Where did Black Friday get its name?

Just in case you were wondering about the whole Black Friday thing, we’ve done a little digging and it seems there are many answers about the name, depending on who you ask!

One idea is that accountants, who use black to show profits in their accounts – always had a lot of black in their books the day after Thanksgiving in the USA. This was because the feel-good effect of Thanksgiving (always on the last Thursday of November), encourages people to shop on the Friday and it became very profitable for retailers and businesses.

Others disagree, saying that Black Friday was coined to mark financial disaster and not profit. They cite Friday 24 September, 1869, when the US gold market crashed and left many bankrupt.

Another, widely accepted, reason for the name was down to police officers in Philadelphia in the 1950s. They called the day after Thanksgiving Black Friday because, instead of joining in the fun, they had to work. They were on patrol to control large crowds and traffic chaos caused by the Army-Navy football game, as well as handling shoplifting offences.

So now we know!

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