In this video, one of our Service Desk Engineers, Sian Day, explains how to disable Fast Startup in your computer’s power settings so that when you shut down the computer, it will clear everything.

What is Fast Startup?

Since Windows 8, Microsoft introduced a new feature called Fast Startup, which automatically enables the Fast Startup option when a user clicks Shut Down (unless you turn it off ).

The upside of having Fast Startup is that it was designed to remove the wait for your machine to be ready to use again after you’ve shut it down.

The downside is that while Windows 10 enables the Fast Startup option when a user clicks Shut Down, this means that not all processes are disabled from the previous session.

This is because, with Shut Down with Fast Startup, Windows 10 shuts down all programmes and files but doesn’t close the Windows kernel, which is the part that allows the software and the hardware to work together. Instead, the Windows kernel is saved to disk, so it’s much quicker to boot up when needed – but it may keep things open you don’t want (like glitches from your previous session).

Hope you find this video helpful!