In this third in our series of blogs on law firm email security, we explain where you can level up your game to mitigate the risks of suffering a cyber attack.

In our previous blogs we have described how a simple email can completely destroy the reputation of your law firm and some strategic actions you can take to help prevent this becoming a reality.

Despite most firms being aware of the dangers posed by email threats, many still have not put appropriate measures in place beyond basic CPD for their staff.

Why is this? Here are a few explanations we hear:

  • “We are extremely busy and hiring new staff is incredibly difficult so we just don’t have the bandwidth to make any changes”
  • “We have some people looking after it and we assume they have everything covered …”
  • “We’re not a big firm, we have antivirus and we’ve never had an attack so we don’t think it’s a problem for us”

Well here’s the bad news: cyber threats are one of the biggest risks to your firm, no matter what the size, and unless you are certain you have taken appropriate actions, your negligence could put your firm out of business.

How to level up your law firm's email security

Over 90% of cyber breaches start with an email, so it’s the first place you should be looking to ensure you have appropriate defences.

If you don’t know where to start with your law firm’s email security, here’s how Pro Drive might be able to help:


Free Microsoft 365 security audit

Most firms use Microsoft 365 for their email, yet many are leaving the door open to cyber criminals by not closing off basic security holes. If you haven’t had your Microsoft 365 audited by an expert, consider signing up for our free Microsoft 365 security audit today.

Writing your cyber security incident response plan

Accepting that no matter how well protected you are, a cyber attack could still be successful – and preparing for it – is the best way to limit the risk of damage to your firm’s reputation. We have videos and guides on our website that can help you do this. Or we can write one with you if you prefer.

Up your email security game!

Almost all of the Top 100 Law firms use Mimecast Email Security. There is a good reason – it provides best in class email threat protection and compliance search. Pro Drive is a long-established partner of Mimecast for this reason. Your basic Microsoft 365 email security is just that – basic. Your firm’s reputation is its most valuable asset – make sure you protect it appropriately.

Keeping your staff aware of threats

Annual CPD on cyber security is just a tick box exercise. Your staff will not remember the training they did six months ago when they open a well hidden malicious email on a busy day. Pro Drive can provide your staff with monthly reinforcement training to ensure cyber threats stay front of mind – and a compliance console so you know they are watching it.

If you are unsure whether you have the correct measures in place, or if you are after a second opinion, get in touch with us today to speak to one of our experts.