Over the past few years, technology has really come a long way. Tape and disk backup used to be the best option for SME’s to back up their data. Then came offsite storage of data, which had its own limitations but at least it was away from the office, somewhere. The biggest challenge being the limitation of connectivity across the UK, that may be physical limitation of location, or the sheer cost of getting better connectivity to your offices. We recently calculated that a relatively small client would have taken 7 days just to download their data that was just data! In this day and age that is not acceptable.

Today there are a much wider variety of backup, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions available that offer SME’s enterprise level services at SME level prices. Different solutions will fit different businesses at different price levels. These solutions are easier to manage, more reliable and can save your company from losing vital data and experiencing costly downtime.

The new breed of business continuity services are changing the backup game and it’s important to understand the differences between the two. Below we have outlined the common differences but these reflect the needs of the business and as Pro Drive aim to work with clients we consider not the IT impact but the impact to the business as a whole, for example how quickly can your business have a service recovered to a usable state? And what has the business agreed is the recovery levels and timeframes? To discuss more about how Pro Drive engage the business in the decision making process please feel free to contact us on 0330 124 3599 or email sales@prodriveit.co.uk