After my partner managed to lose a memory stick containing some important work related files this week, it made me wonder whether there is still a place in today’s office for these devices which we have used so resolutely for many years.

There are many arguments to say that cloud based file storage services are far more suitable for safe transfer of files than a small device which could so easily be lost and subsequently accessed by anyone who finds it.

Not only the files stored more securely in the cloud, they can then be accessed by any device, almost anywhere, which means you no longer need to remember to carry your USB stick on you to access them.

Of course there are concerns for businesses over the uncontrolled use of cloud file storage so if you wish to allow your staff to use the cloud as a tool to transfer files, a service designed for business is essential. It should also be controlled and managed appropriately.

As a personal tool however there are many options available, most of them free, which will provide all the functionality you need to securely store you files (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive to name a few).

Many businesses are now putting restrictions in place to block the use of the humble memory stick completely – primarily to prevent the introduction of malicious software or viruses to their networks but now also increasingly to prevent loss of confidential data whether unintentional or otherwise.

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