Clients rely on you and they rely on your technology. So how confident are you that your law firm cyber security is top notch when people are remote working?

This is the last in our current series on this important topic. In recent articles we have looked at the risks to your legal practice with team members working remotely. We have also provided some basic tips you can follow to make things safer.

However, you may need to go further if you want to substantially reduce the risk of a costly data breach. And be able to reassure your clients that you are following best practice in protecting their data.

Don’t forget that in the world we live in now, both business and private clients alike will look at security when making buying decisions – so it quite literally pays to advertise the work your practice has taken to improve security.

Here is Pro Drive’s approach to improving law firm cyber security when remote working:

How we help with law firm cyber security

FREE Remote Working Assessment

First, we need to understand the extent of any risk or if indeed you have a problem at all. To do this:

• We will review the computers of a sample of your remote workers.
• There will be a short questionnaire for you or a member of your IT team to answer.

Based on this we will provide a short summary of any risks we uncover.

Cyber Essentials Certification

Cyber Essentials is the UK Government’s cyber security standard for business. By following this you will reduce the risk from the most common forms of cyber attack, including for remote workers. Pro Drive can help by:

• Providing a user-friendly portal for you to track your assessment.
• Translating the technical question into easy-to-understand language and help you identify where you are compliant and any gaps you need to address.
• Assisting you in finding the right solutions to guarantee you a pass.

A Cyber Essentials certificate and log displayed on your website will help reassure business and private clients alike that their data is in safe hands.

Home computer security monitoring

For the ultimate in protection and peace of mind, our Managed Threat Response service provides round- the-clock security monitoring of your computers. This compliments the normal security software you run by:

• Collecting data on the behaviours of the PC and using it to trace suspicious patterns.
• Using specialist software and trained experts to proactively hunt for cyber security threats on your computers.
• Identifying the potential impact of the threat and providing advice to address it.

If the security of your clients’ data keeps you awake at night, Managed Threat Response gives you the confidence that someone is looking after it all the time – wherever your firms’ computers are located.


How Pro Drive can help de-risk remote working as part of your law firm cyber security