We have all become used to it being there – that handy little button which opens our world to the inner workings of our machines and devices, whether you want to run a program or uninstall one, we’ve all used it and expect the Start Menu to be available for us.

So when Microsoft developed Windows 8 they, in all their wisdom, decided that their users (mainly consisting of people that have used Microsoft for some time) wouldn’t need this any more. Following this decision soon followed a barrage of complaints and criticisms around this clearly well thought out move.


However there is good news!  In a future free update for Windows 8.1 a redesigned start menu will return and Modern apps will be able to run in a window. Rumours of this have been doing rounds, but today we actually could see it in the Build 2014 keynote.

To be clear this is not part of the Windows 8.1 Update to our knowledge that will be released to Windows Update next week on patch Tuesday but instead a future update.