As the risk from cyber threats continues to grow, Pro Drive has added a range of additional services to help protect our clients and reduce the worry that a cyber attack could cause downtime to your business, cost you money or affect your clients.

Chief among these is our fully managed ‘Security Information Event Management‘ service.  But what is this and why should your business be interested in it?

Preventing attacks

Log files from all your IT systems are collated and analysed for suspicious behaviour and activity.  This can identify events that at the precursor to a cyber security breach – thus preventing a breach before it can happen.

Limiting damage

It is perfectly possibly for a successful cyber attack to occur without your business or IT Systems Administrator knowing about it.  Unless there is a suspicion illegitimate activity, there will be no analysis of system logs which would identify this.  Security Information Event Management would highlight such activity, allowing your to contain the breach and limit the damage.


Businesses operating in regulated and high risk markets are required to demonstrate to their clients and regulatory authorities that they have adequate identification and response plans for security incidents.  This can often be difficult to confidently communicate.  Having a fully managed Security Information Event Management service in place clearly demonstrates this.

Want to know more?

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