Forget the Great War, Great Expectations and even the Great Gatsby; 2018 is all about the Great Migration. Everything is evolving and it only makes sense that the way business organise themselves will do too. Companies around the World are making the move to Office 365 and here is why we think you should too.

#1 Office 365 is available on the Cloud which has so many advantages. It allows data to be stored in an easily accessible place and with the Office 365 Trust Centre, it means you know your data will be in safe hands.

#2 It can grow with your business. Office 365 is ideal for small business owners, with a whole host of benefits suitable to help those with limited resources, businesses can discover easy ways to grow their company. Invoices, bookings, as well as Microsoft Listings, which allows you to monitor views of your business, all come as standard with Office 365.

#3 The Office 365 package has easily some amazing apps such as Teams, which provides a far more collaborative and involving way of communicating to email. And Customer Manager is a great tool for businesses who need to keep track of their discussions and quotation, but do want a complex CRM.

#4 Home working. Many businesses are now adopting a more relaxed office style and for those in this situation, having the ability to employ staff from across the UK is a bonus. Using this new system, staff can be connected anywhere at any time and have access to all of the information they need.

Things to bear in mind:

Planning – Our Office 365 Migration service helps businesses plan the transition, ensuring no valuable time is lost on the migration. This service can be used time and time again to make sure all of your valuable information is easily accessible on the new system.

Educating – There are many companies which offer training for staff, however the online Training Academy from Microsoft has video guidance and easy ways to ensure you get the best from the tools which are already sitting on your desktop.

Implementing – Working with a new system can take time, make sure you allow staff extra allowance when it comes to work, to ensure they fully grasp the new ways of working. Those who have never used a Cloud-based system may need some extra training.

With all of your data now easily accessible, systems working and staff happy with the integration of Office 365, ensuring your data is kept safe should be your next step. Our security services include full security monitoring and reporting, networking and email security as well as security policy creation and management. If this is something you would like to discuss for your business, please feel free to contact us at