For a relationship to grow, trust is hugely important part. Finding an IT consultant you can trust and one who can advise you accurately, can be a difficult task. Trust is a mysterious creature, no one can tell you exactly what they look for, where it originates or how it develops. Building trust as an IT consultant involves understanding your client, assuring them of your expertise and bringing something to the table which shows you do more than just go through the motions. Here are our 5 recommended points to consider when looking to build trust with your IT consultant.

1. Communication skills

It sounds simple, but there are many IT consultants who do not listen to clients, see what their business goals are, or consider the size and scale of the company when pitching solutions. An IT consultant should have solid communications skills and be able to explain how their services work to someone who may have no technical knowledge.

2. Creativity

You may not think creativity is important in an IT role, but as no two companies are the same, an IT consultant must have the ability to provide creative ‘outside the box’ solutions.

3. Experience

If you are a small business who requires a simple IT solution, you may not feel comfortable contacting a company who serve multi-person, hugely successful businesses. Research the company and see if they can serve you well, the hiring process is a two-way street, both parties have to feel that they are getting the most from the relationship.

4. Testimonials

Always check the company’s testimonials. Clients opinions will give you a good idea of the service they provide, but more often than not, will also allow you to see what sort of team they have behind them. Better still, ask if you can speak to some of their clients directly to help you get a real understanding of what the company is like to work with.

5. Going above and beyond

A good IT consultant shouldn’t just stop with ‘the package;’ offering further updates, training and follow-ups, show that the company are more than just what you see on paper. We offer a range of business training workshops in order to continue your company’s development.

If you are looking to build trust with your IT consultant, we recommend following these guidelines and choosing someone who is the right fit for you and your business.

As organisations grow their IT grows too, but with this growth and the changing IT demands of new ways of working, systems can be too outdated to cope. This is when problems can arise and where Pro Drive can help. Our mission is to help you to work smarter; enabling your business to continue through disaster, cyber threats and system failures. Please feel free to contact us and start building trust with us as your new IT consultant.