Some business IT support tips for those frustrated by their sluggish home WiFi, by Chris Morrell …

I’ve seen many posts from people struggling with their WiFi during the pandemic.

The latest announcements from Boris encouraging more working from home will doubtless come as a blow to lots of people for various reasons; one of them being they’ve been using, shall we say, sub-optimal set-ups. I know those who are utilising kitchen tables, sofas or even ironing boards as desks (I kid you not, someone worked that way for over a month😄).

Useful tips on improving your WiFi for working at home.While it has its funny side (and thank God for humour during these past 9 months or so!), it’s not at all amusing when trying to do a day’s work, be productive and sound – and look – professional. And the main concern is usually the home WiFi is not powerful enough to reach the new “desk” location.

Business IT support tip – invest in mesh

If you are suffering from the WiFi issue I have one word for you, MESH. For once in IT it’s not an acronym, it’s about having a system where the different access points work together and form a mesh that gives coverage over the required area. You can form the “mesh” over wires, wireless or a mix, so there’s no need to have cables running around your house.

So! Turn off the wireless on your, ‘jack of all trades master of none’, ISP-provided router, and purchase yourself a mesh system. While it won’t iron out the problems with the ironing board, it might mean your Team’s video call with a prospect doesn’t keep freezing.

There are loads of different brands out there to choose from: we have been installing Datto access points at our clients’ offices for several years now and their basic units are absolutely perfect to use in homes.

If you have other issues with home working, take a look at some of the blogs on our website – or for something specific let us know.

I hope this helps … if you need further information, we provide IT support in Surrey, London and the South East. Give us a shout!

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