IT and Business Strategy

We appreciate that the business world is one of constant change. To make sure your IT and business strategy keeps pace with your industry’s rate of change, we provide strategic services to suit you. This ensures that your IT services are consistently fit for purpose, and able to adapt to the ever changing needs of your organisation.Consultancy

We are the IT in audit

As with almost everything in business, there comes a point when your strategy should be reviewed. After all, it makes perfect business sense. The relationship an organisation has with its IT provider is no different.

At Pro Drive, we carry out a comprehensive audit. This includes your IT systems and services but also your contractual and commercial IT arrangements. And we work with you to align them to your business objectives and priorities too. We will then help you build an action plan, call it a business plan for IT, that will maximise efficiency and streamline costs.

Your current IT provider may well be effectively doing his job and earning his fee, but it never hurts to get a second opinion – especially when it could increase profit and save money.

Strategy as you need it

Not all organisations are large enough, or have the budget, to employ a full time CIO or IT Director. That’s where we can help. Pro Drive can provide a strategic planning service to work with your board. Or, should the size or growth of your business require it, a highly skilled outsourced CIO service.

Whether a short term or longer term requirement, we help build on your existing skills to deliver your organisations IT objectives, putting you where you want to be, ahead of the competition.

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