IT Security

Stopping problems before they happen

In any organisation, IT security is paramount. That’s why Pro Drive makes it a leading priority. We can help identify and control risks to your business through threats to your IT – preventing problems before they even happen. We design secure systems, together with industry leading partners, to ensure your client information remains

A silver lining to the Cloud

In today’s Cloud enabled world, threats from the internet are a major risk to all businesses. As technology moves on, we make sure our security measures keep up. Cutting edge intrusion prevention, firewall and web security technology means a safe network, and no downtime or data loss. So your business can get on with business. No time wasting, picking up the pieces.

A secure network – even when business is all over the place

21st century business is a mobile one – and that means, business people often work remotely. Remote working increases the demands on an organisation’s connectivity, telephony and compliance, and so requires an extra level of security. We can implement locked-down systems to ensure private information that travels across a network stays private – wherever in the world an employee may be.

Services include:

  • 24/7/365 Security monitoring and reporting (Security Information Event Management)
  • Security audits and policy management
  • Firewall and Universal Threat Management
  • Web security and content control
  • Email filtering, anti-spam and content control
  • Mobile device security
  • Encryption
  • Penetration and vulnerability testing
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