Wondering how to recruit using your website? In this blog we share some ideas on turning your website into a talent magnet.

This is part of our blog series on the tricky task of recruitment. In blog one we focused on how you can use tech to attract and retain talented employees. We’re doing this because while you may know your business inside and out, you might have overlooked ways you can use other sources and methods to show off how great your company is. We’ve been checking out this process ourselves! Start by asking yourself – how does your business appear to potential recruits?

How to recruit via your online shop window

When considering what to include on your website put yourself in a potential new recruit’s shoes – what would they want to see? What would they want to know about your business that would get them interested in applying to work there? Here are some ideas:

1. People want to know who they are working for so publish your company values on the site to show people what they can expect while working at your business and what the culture is like.

How to recruit using your website2. Include the friendly face of your business with photos of the team rather than standard corporate shots from a photo library. If possible, include a bit about team members – their roles and personal interests.

3. Include details of what they can expect working there – publish a list of staff benefits they can enjoy, social events they can join in with, charity initiatives you support. Remember to show how you have fun!

4. Show how you prioritise your staff mental health and wellbeing by detailing what you do in this area. For example, do you offer flexible working and what about home working opportunities? You can use tech to enable staff flexibility – read more about this in our previous blog.

5. Remember to shout about why you do what you do and show them how well you do it. Publish blogs about company achievements and awards – both team and personal.

6. Include plenty to engage prospective workers from your industry sector – for example, your workforce will be attracted to a business that has embraced digital transformation and uses tech to make their employees’ lives easier and improve their productivity. Remember that most people use smart technology now and would expect your business to be forward thinking.

Tech to attract new recruits

7. Publish details of your methods for getting employee engagement and involvement – and show how you listen to your staff and react to it. For example, we use Office Vibe, which lets our staff feed back on all sorts of questions about working at Pro Drive IT and they can do it anonymously if they want.

8. Show how your business offers potential for growth with opportunities for learning and career development.

9. Prospective employees will want to see that your business manages its impact upon society responsibly and makes a positive contribution. So include your approach to your local community, being eco friendly etc by blogging about ‘green’ activities, supporting local charities etc.

10. Watch out for our next blog on more ways to attract new talent to your business.

We hope you find these ideas on how to recruit using your website helpful!

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