You may have heard about a vulnerability that has been found in Apache Log4j, a very common logging system used by developers of web and server applications, based on Java and other programming languages. Pro Drive’s clients can rest assured that we are managing the impact of this for them.

However, as this affects a broad range of services and applications on servers, such as firewalls for example, you may be notified by other business app providers about it. If this happens to any of our clients, please let us know.

What Apache Log4j vulnerability is and how to reduce your risk from it

Log4shell is a vulnerability in the logging tool Log4j, used by millions of computers worldwide running online services. Fixes have been issued for it and are being implemented.

The flaw was discovered by researchers at Chinese technology company Alibaba last month and it gained notoriety after it affected some sites hosting versions of Minecraft using Java.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) advises that the best thing individuals can do to protect themselves is to make sure devices and apps are as up to date as possible and continue to update them regularly, particularly over the next few weeks.

There is more information on the NCSC website.