We’ve got 5 business tech Christmas gifts that might be helpful to you – add them to your wish list if you haven’t got them already!

1. Does having to remember passwords drive you crazy? And does it always take so long to wait after you’ve clicked ‘Forgotten Password’? Do you use the same password – or really easy ones – which is a big cybersecurity risk? This is why a Password Manager has to be No. 1 on your Christmas must-haves – it will make life easier and cyber safer. Gift it to yourself and your business – many are FREE.

2. Wish you felt as light as a cloud, instead of having the weight of business hardware and systems that are old, cranky and limiting on your shoulders? You need cloud solutions – it’s not just Father Christmas who flies through the air effortlessly!

Cyber Essentials3. There are important wish list items and then there are Cyber Essentials! For peace of mind, businesses have Cyber Essentials certification, which ensures they up their game on their cyber security and reduce the chance of an attack. It also shows your clients that you care about – and will look after – their data. Many regulated businesses have to have Cyber Essentials and numerous insurers are also now demanding you have it. Get your free Cyber Essentials Readiness assessment or learn more here.

And register for our webinar about Cyber Essentials here.

Privacy screen4. Whether you’re remote working, hot desking, in the office or the local coffee shop you’ve no doubt experienced the worry that someone is looking at your laptop screen – particularly if you’ve got sensitive info on it. Add these 2 items to your wish list: Built-in privacy screen (some computers have them built in already but they’re available widely) & Windows Dynamic Lock (locks your screen automatically when you step away from it).

Cybersecurity guide for parents & guardians5. If you want to help those nearest and dearest to you stay cyber safe, start with our Cybersecurity Guide for Parents and Guardians. It has important advice on how to keep children safe on the internet. The Cybersecurity Guide for Parents and Guardians is available here.



And, last but perhaps the most important: take some time out from tech and have yourself a happy festive season!

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