• Do you seem to spend all your time at work dealing with email?
  • Does email overload prevent you for doing more valuable, productive work?
  • Is your inbox bloated by email you don’t really need to see?
  • Do you struggle to separate important emails you need to deal with?

If so, you should read on….

The Menace of Email

Email has become a victim of its own success. Whilst it is undeniable that we are better connected wherever we are on the globe and to whomever we want to be – and this allows us to achieve an awful lot that would be unimaginable even 10-15 years ago – the fact that we are so available is also its undoing.

How often do you find yourself at your desk drawn into reading unimportant newsletters, emails which have been copied to you without good cause (usually in an effort by the sender to protect themselves – how often have you heard ‘but you were copied on the email…’), or plain annoying email that you just do not need to read regularly.

Recent research shows that the average white collar worker sends or receives 108 emails per day and about 28% of their time at their desk is spent dealing with email (13 hours per week!). And when you are out of the office there is no escape – how much time do you spend sifting through your inbox on your smartphone?

There is no doubt that email is moving from being a productivity tool to a costly overhead – both in business and for our personal time. So what can be done about it?

Achieve email sanity

Thankfully the brilliant people at SaneBox have come up with a solution. By using a clever algorithm to sort your email, SaneBox can determine what email is important to you, when you need to address it or whether you even need to view it at all. Pro Drive are SaneBox users and we can honestly say it has been a revelation for us – in fact we love it so much we are helping our clients achieve email sanity too.

So what does SaneBox do:

  • Consolidates unimportant emails into a daily or weekly summary
  • Highlights important emails
  • Snoozes email that can be dealt with later
  • Sends you reminders when someone does not reply to your email
  • Moves attachments to the cloud to speed up your inbox
  • Easily removes email you do not need

Don’t just take our word for it – read what the press say.

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