Did you know you can get free training courses on your Microsoft apps and other business topics through Microsoft Teams? You simply add the Viva Learning app to your sidebar.

As part of our cloud services offering we’re always on the lookout for new and useful apps and we like the look of Viva Learning. It is part of a suite of new Microsoft 365 features designed to help users with wellbeing, communication and professional development. The suite is called Microsoft Viva.

Check out our video below to find out more or read on …


What is Viva Learning?

Viva Learning is an employee learning and training platform. It provides access to a huge range of training courses ranging from training on Microsoft applications, such as the Office suite, to wider business articles.

Whilst some of the more in-depth business training requires a ‘LinkedIn Learning’ subscription, the great news is that if you have a Microsoft 365 license you have access to Microsoft Learn and Microsoft 365 Training libraries – and the top 125 LinkedIn Learning courses – for no additional fee!

What makes this even better is that it is all easily accessible within Microsoft Teams by adding the Viva Learning app to your sidebar.

This really is a great tool to help you improve your staff’s use of Microsoft 365, making them more productive and automating more of your business processes.

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